ABSORB is a death metal band from Erlangen, which was founded in 1989 after the split of the thrash metal band Blackness (1989) by Pfisty (guitar) and Jochen (drums). After two very successful demos ("Last Regain" and "The Call") of which several hundred copies were sold, as well as some contributions on CD and tape samplers, Absorb played a lot of local and national concerts. Both the tapes and the live shows met with consistently positive criticism from the press. The biggest appearances back then were as support acts for Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Master and Massacra. After the separation in 1994, the band Absorb was reanimated 13 years later towards the end of 2007 by Jochen and Pfisty. Since then, great live gigs have been played again with e.g. Cannibal Corpse, Obscura, Pestilence, One Man Army and Sodom, which have been very well received by the audience. The current CD "Dealing with Pain" was released in November 2010. Over the years, the band lineup changed several times. In 2014 Volker (our singer of Blackness at the time from 1986 - 1989) replaced Günny

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