The origins of the Czech death metal band Fleshless date back to 1993 in Děčín. In the 25 years of its existence, it has released, among other things, 8 studio albums. Fleshless is one of the mainstays of the Czech death metal scene. Frontman Vladimír is also a well-known promoter of the extreme underground scene, the owner of the recording company NICE TO EAT YOU records and the organizer of the popular festival NICE TO EAT YOU Deatfest.
In 2018 and after 3 years since their last studio album "Devoured Beyond recognition" (2015), FLESHLESS returned to the studio to record their ninth album "Doomed." The album is a follow-up to the last studio effort EP "Dethroned in Shadows," recorded in 2017 in the North Bohemian studio The Barn under the direction of music producer, sound engineer, musician and leader of the group MEAN MESSIAH Dan Friml.
Recording began on August 31, 2018, and FLESHLESS once again returned to Dan Friml at The Barn studio. Bands such as TORTHARRY, MEAN MESSIAH, SMASHING DUMPLINGS or DILLIGENCE recorded their records here.
"Doomed" was released as a classic CD and LP under the banner of the German label Rotten Roll Rex representing such names as HAEMORRHAGE, SPASM or GUTALAX.
The album was once again written by Tomáš "Chymus" Hanzl (ANTIGOD, EX-ISACAARUM, EX-AHUMADO GRANUJO). The main graphic motif of the record was painted by Rudi Gorgingsiucide art and the final graphic editing and photography was taken care of by Renáta "Renhule" Filipi (EX-FELISHA).
Fleshless celebrated 25 years on the metal scene with their fans with the album "Doomed."
At the end of 2021, Fleshless is preparing material for the 10th studio album "The Kingdom of the Liars" and also announces a change in the position of drummer. After twenty-one years, drummer Vitys is leaving us. He was replaced on the drum stool by Ondra D.I.E.
Until now, Fleshless have performed at almost a thousand concerts and festivals across three continents. There was also a tour of South and North America or Europe.
The band survived the non-concert period in 2020 and 2021. The year 2022 has slowly returned to the old ways and Fleshless begins to tour the Czech Republic and goes abroad.
2023 will be an anniversary year for Fleshless. He will celebrate 30 years on the scene. You can look forward to a special playlist and the culmination of the celebrations at our home festival NTEY DF in Srbská Kamenica.
We look forward to seeing you under the stage and at the bar !!!