Graveworm were first signed to the Serenades Records label in 1997 after a live performance in their hometown of Bruneck, South Tyrol, without the band having previously produced a demo recording. After initial positive feedback, the debut album When Daylight's Gone was released. On the ensuing tour with Crematory, Therion and Lake of Tears, the band met singer Sarah Jezebel Deva and collaborated with her on the 1998 EP Underneath the Crescent Moon. In addition to a spoken part in By the Grace of God, she took over the classic vocals on the remake of the title Awake. In the same year, the band performed at the Wacken Open Air for the first time.
In 1999, As the Angels Reach the Beauty was released, followed by a tour of Germany with Agathodaimon and Transylvania. Scourge of Malice then allowed the band to headline their first tour in 2001 with support from Suidakra, Dornenreich, Vintersorg and Darkwell. Scourge of Malice features a cover of Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark. The following year she moved to the German label Nuclear Blast. Didi Schraffl (bass) left the band and Harry Klenk (guitar) was replaced by Eric Righi. She co-produced Engraved in Black with Righi, which was released in 2003 and also features a cover of the Pet Shop Boys track It's a Sin. Shortly after its release, Steve Unterpertinger (guitar), who was instrumental in the songwriting process, left the band and was replaced by Lukas Flarer, who had previously played bass on live performances. Harald Klenk came back, but this time as a bass player.
In 2004 she played on the X-Mas Festival Tour along with Destruction, Kataklysm and other bands. Martin "Marschtl" Innerbichler on drums took some personal time off, and Moritz Neuner (formerly of Darkwell, Dornenreich, Leave's Eye and Shadowcast) took over his job. The album (N)Utopia (2005) was followed by a tour in which she appeared with Communic as the support act for Ensiferum. At the end of September 2005 Lukas Flarer left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Thomas "Stirz" Orgler, who had often helped out in the past. The (N)Utopia tour, which was planned for late autumn 2005, had to be canceled and postponed indefinitely due to a death in the Fioris family.
In May 2006, Graveworm played six weeks in the United States and Canada as part of the Metal Crusader Tour '06 along with Kataklysm, Vader, Nuclear Assault, Speed/Kill/Hate and The Absence.
In 2007, the album titled Collateral Defect was released by Massacre Records, with Orgler taking over the songwriting. The pieces differ more from the previous albums and break new ground. The following tour with Disbelief and In Slumber resulted in the collaboration with Jagger (Disbelief), who wrote the lyrics for Forlorn Hope on the album Diabolical Figures, which was released in June 2009, and also appears there as a guest singer.
In spring 2011 Harald Klenk left the band for family reasons and was replaced by Florian Reiner (Voices of Decay). At the end of 2011, Nuclear Blast released the album Fragments of Death, which is more reminiscent of the roots of the sextet. The keyboards were placed a bit in the background in the overall sound and the song structures were more linear. Shortly after the release, the band parted ways with Thomas Stirz and Sabine Mair and decided to use samples for live performances in the future and not include a keyboard player in the line-up. Founding member and former main songwriter Steve Unterpertinger has filled in the missing guitar spot.
In November 2012 Graveworm played a headlining tour with Agathodaimon, Emergency Gate and Kadavrik. A short tour of China followed. In the fall of 2014, the band led the first part of the revived Wacken Road Shows and released the album Ascending Hate on AFM Records in June 2015.

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