Dear friends and fans of the Infernum meets Porkcore

Fistevils. Unfortunately we also have bad news to announce ... The IMPF 2021 has to be postponed indefinitely. We have tried everything to make it possible, but despite all efforts such as the test station and infection protection concept, we have not received any concrete approval, neither from the community nor from the district office. Even if it looks like things are looking up at the moment, the event industry remains on a shaky footing. We can't wait any longer and hope what happens. To start everything up in the shortest possible time is an impossibility and logistically not feasible. In addition, it can always happen that the incidence increases again and everything is prohibited again ... There is also no new date for 2022 for the time being, as we will continue to monitor the situation for the time being. Of course we are still working in the background for a new edition of Infernum meets Porkcore Fistevils! It was not an easy decision for the second time, but unfortunately we have no choice due to the ongoing situation. We hope you can understand this and still stay true to us😉 Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date. We hope that this pandemic will soon end and that we can all celebrate again.

TICKETS: The tickets already purchased, which this year were only available through Eventim, will be refunded !!! Eventim will contact you for the refund! The hard tickets (not from Eventim) from 2021 remain valid!