MOsher´s Night

Blood: Boobs & Booze


Attention, friends of metallic sound art!
Please stop mainstream and fashion rockers.
"Mosher's night" is coming to Büchhold in 2023. The event "Infernum meets Porkcore Fistevil" is entering the next round and we are invited to organize the after-show party for you. We won't be asked twice! Then let's celebrate in the usual "mosher's night" manner! With lots of METAL, BOOBS & BOOZE --> what more could you ask for!?
This party night has been going through Germany and Austria for years. Various locations and festivals have already been made unsafe. "Schnapsi" is an old school DJ. With CDs and records he works his way through more than 30 years of metal history and leaves almost no genre out. From old, rarely heard classics to the brand new discs of the scene, pretty much everything can be found in his deck. Just a real metal freak who indulges in his passion.
But not only the music is a topic on this night. The "mosher's night girls" also have an appearance. Whether on the bar, on the stage, or at the bar, it never gets boring with the girls and so the party becomes an event that will be remembered.
You can find more information, pictures and videos at, and of course on TikTok (at)moshersnightschnapsi.