Public Grave

In 2008 Public Grave was founded in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich, Germany/Bavaria). Public Grave grew from a group of friends brought together by a passion for their favorite music genre (death metal) to become the only slam/groove death metal band in town. In the last 14 years, Public Grave has been able to make many contacts with other bands in the underground metal scene, which has helped them to perform all over southern Germany and beyond. In the beginning, big bands like Six Feet and un Kataklysm served as a model and through the fascination for everything undead, entrails and general shredding, Public Grave's music serves everything the Death Metal heart desires.
From 2015 - 2018 Public Grave took 3 years to fill the gap between death metal and slam and to give their album "Cadaverous Resurrection" the necessary power and brutal spice.
The neck-breaking groove sledgehammers through millions of bodies and the monstrous sound growls with a deep, pounding bass that shakes to the core.
With disgusting exaggerations, Public Grave created an absurdly brutal album with "Cadaverous Resurrection" with apocalyptic scenarios and zombies, both of which are intended to reflect the current state of society. The album's first single (Exhumed Corpses undead forces) received a lot of positive feedback from both fellow musicians and fans.
Public Grave consists of 4 members who all contribute equally to the songwriting: Korny plays the bloodthirsty bass, Chris hammers the riffs through the guitar, Beni unleashes the pounding rhythms on the drums and Hamby contributes demonic/beast-like vocals. Together they create a devastating wall of sound that no one can escape.