Rotting Empire

Rotting Empire were close in 2000
founded by Ingolstadt and are among the
veterans of the local metal scene.
The band's sound unites many
Facets of the harder pace.
Death Metal is certainly the foundation here.
Strong harmonies and melodies create together
with a good portion of groove den
necessary contrast.
The first official demo recording with the title
Images Of War was self-directed in 2006
The first long player "Sui Generis" followed in 2012
by Rebirth The Metal Productions.
Almost 100 performances have been completed so far,
including the Fistfull of Metal Festival and Down in
Flame Festival. For example, we had gigs together
with Cowbar, Vader, Six Feet Under,
Fleshcrawl, Vomitory,
Excrematory Grindfuckers, Crushing Caspars and Totenmond.
Enthusiastic concert guests and a constantly growing
Followers confirmed us in our
musical mission.
The new album “Buried In The Past” is out recently
Released on July 31, 2022