Each guest receives a wristband. The Friday and day visitors get clearly recognizable ribbons of a different color than the Saturday and two-day visitors.Only guests who are over 18 years old and can identify themselves receive the respective fabric ribbon. Young people under the age of 18 deposit their ID or other valid document with the security staff and have to leave the premises at midnight. The Youth Protection Act applies.

Children / adolescents under the age of 16 are only allowed in if they are accompanied by their parents and must leave the event with them.

Environmental Protection:

Please leave your campsite as neat and clean as you found it. In the remaining days of the year, the area is a habitat for many animals and plants and is used economically! Barbecuing is allowed on the entire campsite. Open fire is prohibited!

Security service:

The instructions of the security service must be followed to ensure your safety and compliance with the festival rules and to ensure a festive togetherness.


The following items are prohibited on the festival site:

-All kinds of weapons
-Glass bottles
-Pyrotechnical objects of all kinds
-Spray cans
- animals

First aid:

If you should need first aid, simply go to our first aid volunteers. Medical tent see site plan.

Lost property:

You can hand in lost and found items at the receipt. Items found are also issued there.


Drinks that you have brought with you in various containers, as well as filled cups, may not be taken into the infield. These must be left outside or drunk beforehand. When leaving the infield you can of course take filled cups with you, but you have to empty them when you re-enter! Please understand.