Infernum meets Porkcore

Gutrectomy ist das, was man bekommt, wenn man brutalen Slam mit Deathcore und Hardcore mischt.
Es ist ein zweifellos kraftvoller Sound.
wappne dich besser dafür. Harte Gitarrenriffs, tanzbarer Two-Step
Parts, abgrundtief böser Gesang und ein fast nie enden wollender Sturm
Blasts und Doublebass-Hits sind zu erwarten.

Founded back in 2011, Gutrectomy from Southern Germany play a
mixture of Slamming Death Metal, Deathcore and Beatdown/Hardcore.
The first EP called “Slamageddon” was released back in 2014 via
Rotten Roll Rex, which directly triggered an international hype in
the Slam scene. The band was able to play their first big shows like
Death Feast Open Air and Rock The Hell Festival in Switzerland.
Slamageddon still has a great legend status in the community to
date. This EP is known for its straightforward Slam with no excuses.
In 2017 the debut album “Slampocalypse” followed via Amputated Vein
Records, which seamlessly continued from the hardness of the
previous release and yet has developed musically. On this album,
elements of Hardcore flowed in for the first time and offered the
listener an even greater mosh experience.
With the tailwind of their successful full-length, they began
playing on even more renown shows like Fall In The Brawl 2017 in
Manchester and Party.San Metal Open Air in 2018. In the same year
their headlining European Tour with Mental Cruelty and Cannibal
Grandpa as support was a huge success, with most of the shows being
sold out.
The title of the single released in 2019, “Filius Mulieris
Meretricis”, already sounds like an evil satanic spell and with its
heavy Slams, groovy Two-Steps and an evil Black Metal part, the song
delivers exactly what the name promises.
The second EP “Slaughter The Innocent” succeeded in 2020 and was
released via Rising Nemesis Records, which gained a lot more
Deathcore influences, providing the release with even faster, harder
and more aggressive tracks.
With their album “Manifestation Of Human Suffering”, which will be
released in February 2022 via Blood Blast Distribution and Amputated
Vein Records, the four horsemen from the Black Forest release
another brutal steamroller of extreme musical taste. On their second
longplayer Gutrectomy thematize human misery caused by our selfish
and cold-blooded society.


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